small forests

you know me ... always into something. 

i've been going on lots of walks in one of our large cemeteries to get exercise the past few months. over the weeks in and around the paths, i became interested in the 5 or 6 kinds of moss that grow beneath the trees there. 

lately this interest has taken a turn to the making of miniature moss gardens from the mosses i collect there. a small forest in a jar. a bonsai tree without all the fuss

(click to embiggen)

this is also part of my recent art explorations into measuring and miniature systems and curating things within glass domes and apothecary jars. 


Purnacandra Sivarupa said...

I really love this idea. I may give it a go.

todd said...

reproducing some directions, such as are known to me:

gravel in the bottom. a layer of activated charcoal (get that at the petstore in the fish aisle) on top of that to keep the air and water sweet (like 1/3 of a cup). then about an inch of soil from my garden as a base and then the moss on top. get as much dirt with the moss as you can when you get it since it likes it's natural habitat. press the moss firmly into the soil and mist every day for about a week til the terrarium starts doing its thing. all those jars n the photos came from Michaels - they are apothecary jars. they also sell terrarium jars but they are much taller. get a bunch of different kinds of moss and put them in patchwork style for more of that mini "forest" feel.