Wrought Gothic

I found the books of Steph Swainston about five years ago and avidly down tracked the four she had written to date. After a hiatus from writing, Steph is back with 3 new books planned. 

It has been my great fortune to get to know her over the past few months and I even have had the privilege of designing a cover for a small press book of hers that came out in The Netherlands as well as illustrating something that will appear in her forthcoming book this fall with Gollancz.

As an even greater gracious privilege she has allowed me to use some of her character sketches and background material from her Fourlands series and do a small book from my own Air and Nothingness Press (aanpress.com).

The books arrived today and if you are interested in her imaginative world I hope you will consider buying one. With this being my own publishing effort I can add a few extra design details into the mix. The cover to this 52 page book features french flaps which fold out to display some amazing woodcut illustrations by Paul Landacre which evoke very well the feel of the Fourlands (the b0ok also has a map of the Fourlands illustrated by me within its pages).

If you are an admirer of Steph's writing this would make a great addition to your collection.

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