the measure of ritual - a work in progress

I've been working on this narrative object for almost a year now. It will be part of my "measurement" series of artworks on early measurement systems and ideas about measuring abstract concepts and aspects of the world.

The piece grows out of watching the BBC series - Time Team - and the clearinghouse term "Ritual" which is used seeming when palentologists can't figure out the utilitarian purpose for something. Ritual in the ancestor of organized religion from what I understand.

I still have one more brass magnifying glass arms to buy and position on the third set of objects (the thorns which will have some gold and red detailing applied to them) and then it will be a complete piece. The two structures under the glass domes represent dolmens and a henge which are early worship structures. The figure is the 'everyman' the proto human who we as the godlike observer can view through the magnifying lenses.

(click on the images to embiggen)