folklore - completed

Unlike my other narrative objects which often involve a lot of science and research which imbue the objects with an extra layer of information, this piece is purely for the joy of making a beautiful object.

Folklore - 9"wide x 9" deep by 18" high - contains moss, found objects, parrot and bluejay feathers, leaves and plant seed pods, copper leaf, acacia blackthorns, plywood shavings, oak and (I think) birch.

I named the piece Folklore because the forms and elements remind me of the darker corners of some fairy tales and folk stories told late at night to small children in their beds. The body of the creature is built out of blackthorn branches wired together, covered in moss and then the doll head and arm were attached. 

The small drawer is lined with copper leaf and contains two seed pods with yellow seeds which tie back to the color on the rings of yellow leaves on top. 

The parrot and bluejay feathers, with their gem-like greens, blues and reds were chosen for their bold color.

The piece really has no deep thinking behind it. It was built simply with reactions and experience of making art for many years. It is what it appears to be, it is up to the viewer to create their own meaning.

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