flight 1

I've had this piece in various stages now for several years (and to be honest it is still missing black washers where each of the glass vials joins the wooden sphere to hide the hole edges) but I've brought it to enough completion to show it as finished for now. 

Someone who has an opinion I value thinks it should be hung and it might be eventually. For now it is enough to title it Flight 1 and leave it open as to whether it will be a series of pieces eventually.

It is constructed from a poplar wood sphere, 50 glass vials filled with cuttings from parrot feathers, and wire for the legs and is about 16" in diameter.

Much thanks to Creative Reuse in Pittsburgh for getting in such interesting laboratory glass bits and bobs for me to work with. You can't quite see in the photos but there is a thin gold line painted one the neck of each vial.

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