the false grandmother

This piece, begun on World Book Day, was an attempt to coalesce a story into its essence, creating a object (and it seems maybe I am now doing a set of piece based on folk stories) but one in which there is still a serial narrative (much like a 3 panel comic strip).

In this case, the story is The False Grandmother, the antecedent to Little Red Riding Hood.

The piece is constructed from pine (painted and aged), moss, crab apples, pinecones, pine needles, a robin's egg, stones, fur and brass hardware. It measures 14.5" x 3.5" x 3.5"h

Quite proud of some of the details on this, especially the correspondence between the robin's egg and stones of similar size and how each vignette in its own nest. The pine needles smell so there is a scent component to it as well upon opening.

the knot on the front of the box was deliberately placed there as a symbol for the horror in the original tale, now sanitized and safe for the wee ones.

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Unknown said...

This looks gorgeous. I especially like the egg in the pine needles.