lemon and lemon thyme jam

with my lemon thyme approaching epic proportions in my garden i thought i would try to do a more exotic jam. i sampled some of the left over liquid from this after filling all the jars and am eager to taste the real thing once it gels. let me know if you want some.

lemon and lemon thyme jam

7 lemons, cut into a medium dice
1-2 cups sugar depending on how sweet you want it
a big bunch of lemon thyme (i used 4 handfuls from my garden)
1 cup organic apple or white grape juice
1 package pectin

cook these over medium heat, stirring. after 20 minutes add pectin and follow directions on box for canning and sealing

this made 7 jars worth


rsnow113 said...

wow, you've been quite busy with all of your gardening+cooking+home projects!

this jam looks delicious...may i purchase a jar?!? :)

Janis said...

I have loads of lemon thyme - and now can't wait to try your recipe.

You are such a creative cook and your blog is beautiful. I stumbled across it by accident after some spammer started following me on Twitter... apparently, we have the same spammer following us.