new book from the air and nothingness press - 'voyage in burgundy'

in the summer of 1930, robert desnos, his future wife youki and her then husband, the japanese painter tsuguharu foujita, along with his cousin, set out on a walking tour of the burgundy region of france.

this book - 'Voyage in Burgundy", is the latest from my publishing efforts - the air and nothingness press and is a memoir of that time. editing has finally been finished and the book will go into production soon.

above is the set of postcards that will be added in an envelope in the back of the copies of the book and will functions as the illustrations.

i've been looking forward to having this book done because it is the first prose piece of his that i have translated. the original text was unpublished and contains false starts, spelling errors of names and some general early draft mayhem. my translating partner, oonagh taeger, and i have added a series of annotated notes to the text to correct some of these issues and provide some context for the people and places mentioned. i am looking to have this book published by the fall. please let me know if you are interested in buying a copy when it comes out.

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Kristine Schomaker said...

I definitely want a copy!!!