peach jam

alright so picked the peaches, made the jam in 2 batches, batch one is peach with rosemary and lime zest. i found a new pectin at the store that doesnt need sugar, this will be a bit more softset; however i like that its just fruit

batch two (bottom photo) is simply peach

neither of these really needs a recipe but its basically

4 cups peaches, sliced as small as you prefer
1/4 cup lemon juice
1 cup organic apple juice
1 package no sugar pectin

(and for the lime/rosemary version - 4 sprigs rosemary and zest and juice of one lime)

first 3 ingredients go in a pot to cook on medium high. once it starts bubbling, mash everything with a potato masher, add pectin slowly while stirring and put on full boil til it thickens. turn off heat after 5 mins or so of full boil and can in jars. each batch made 4 jars worth


colleen said...

why not avoid pectin altogether? you can make most jams without it.

:: :: said...

i am still a little new to making jam. but yes i'd like to try some without

Anonymous said...

Ahh, I see that Colleen, who is a secret jam maker, has found you. Hmm, I ever wonder how! However, we are going to be up to our eyes in pie on Sunday!

Anyways, I would like to make jam labels for you both. Cheapgirl insists!

~ cgd

:: :: said...

ah so colleen is your friend CGD. i had wondered. i would love a CGD jam label designed by you. email me over at my regular address and we'll chat. hope all is good with you. have fun with your pies