tonight's dinner - lamb roast with peaches

well i was looking for something to do tonight with the remaining small peaches i picked off the tree yesterday before they turned bad. i was talking to my friend elise today and had mentioned to her i had done a lemon/lemon thyme jam and she said ohh you should put that on lamb and roast it.

one trip to the market later and back

2 pound lamb roast was stuffed with bunches of thyme and rosemary, covered in the lemon jam and roasted with whole peaches. couscous with pine nuts as a side and that was that. i reduced the liquids in the pan with more herbs and used it as a sauce over the meat.

this would probably be a tagine of sorts if i had cubed the meat and you squint a bit, and maybe some pistachios in it wouldnt be amiss

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elise said...

oh my gosh i want to eat this picture....
im flattered that you took my idea and ran with it and did it way better than i could have. funny, couldnt have been more different at my house as i went veggie and had sietian "chicken" korma. (most of the curry sauce from a jar i'm afraid, but doctored heartily.) maybe one day i'll have more green garden space outdoors like you.:) you rock.