today's harvest

for many years now i have had a blueberry bush in the back of my garden. the crown of thorns next to it has grown huge and was shading it badly. i dug a new plot this year in the garden and moved the blueberry bush there where it is now thriving. this is the first handful of ripe blueberries from it (i should have about 4 more servings this size as they come ripe over the next week). i am hoping this bush will get much bigger in the coming years now that it is in a better spot.

the tomatoes are another story. a few more weeks of sun and i will have a large harvest to deal with. already some of the smaller cherry tomatoes are going ripe in 2s and 3s. those are being eaten right in the garden as they are found. i have been reading lately about how to dry tomatoes, the old 'out in the sun' manner vs an oven on very low heat. i will experiment and see which method i prefer and i might invest in a vacuum sealing bag system to help me send them out to all of you who have been enjoying watch my garden this year and eating the spoils.


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Doug Sanders said...

Let me know which process works best- sun, or oven drying.