tonight's dessert - honey and lavender ice cream with grilled oranges

this is another dessert that may look fussy but really isn't. the ice cream this time is a bit different than those i have been making. i can't really describe the taste other than it tastes like lavender which is sort of sweet and sort of organic and sort of flowery. i paired it with a red bamboo honey which is one of my favorites due to its very mellow flavor and ruddy reddish tone that colored the ice cream nicely.

for the oranges you can any that are good and firm and juicy, temple oranges in this case. if i do this again i'll use blood oranges when in season. peel and cut the oranges into 3rds (1 orange per person served) and sprinkle them with sugar. broil or grill them for 3-4 minutes until they begin to caramelize.

plate and serve

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Anonymous said...

oh . . . this looks delicious!!! Wonderful blog.