tonight's dinner - roasted cornish hen

watching so many cooking shows lately, i am trying these days to work on my presentation skills as well as some photos skills. tonight's dinner is cornish hen stuffed with garlic and butter with rosemary and salt and some exotic pepper from africa i bought in quebec (i put the cornish hen on a bed of rosemary skewers and then tucked some other branches in around the legs and wings to flavor everything). diced shallots on top and some scallions and new potatoes to roast alongside and there you have it. 350 degrees for about an hour, some olive oil drizzled over everything of course. photos are before, during and after. whole house smells of rosemary which makes me miss someone.

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Kristine Schomaker said...

WOW, I think that is almost too beautiful to eat!! It looks lovely Todd, Wow!!