the giving mouth

its done. finally.

i read this story 'the giving mouth' by ian macleod a few months ago and thought it might make a nice book project. somewhere along the way it became what it is now.

measuring 12" x 20", it unfolds to a little over 30 feet. covers are wood from a shipping pallet that has been rotting in my garden for 7 years and fastened with copper tacks and leather straps. paper is stonehenge, concertina bound with faux aged ribbon threaded through antiqued brass grommets and printed on my large format hp printer. middle photo shows title page, first text page and colophon.


rsnow113 said...

wow, that's awesome! i LOVE what you did with the cover!!! :)

subu said...

can't believe how well it turned out! looking forward to drooling over it in person.