work in progress

mary robinette kowal is a science fiction/fantasy writer who is gaining much attention of late (she is also a puppeteer). her story bound man caught my attention by its mythic quality and odd mix of asian and viking cultures. i wrote to her asking if i could turn the story into one of my artist book projects and she graciously agreed. i decided to do the book as a scroll because of the nature of the text and because i have not yet done a scroll as a binding/construction method

cut to a few months later

i finished the wooden spindle parts of the scrolls for the two copies yesterday and faux aged them. i am pleased with the result and will be printing the actual scroll this week on vegetable parchment. still looking for ideas on some sort of historically correct wrap or jacket to enclose the scroll in.

so mary, its coming to your doorstep soon, clear some space in your scroll cabinet or bin, maybe a scroll bin is the more proper term.

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