bound man scroll

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after a few hours of steady work today i printed and assembled the finished scrolls for mary robinette kowal's story - bound man. the scroll measures 1.5 x 15 feet long when fully unrolled. paper was a vegetable parchment and is attached to the spindles with aged brass rivets. spindles are made from wood and the brocade fabric wrap has leather ties held in place by aged brass grommets. gylph illustrations were designed by me, created out of alchemic symbols.

this was the first time i have ever made a scroll. its a very interesting book form, very unlike a traditional western codex or the accordion fold books i usually work with. mary's story combines elements of viking and asian cultures and i think i struck a good balance between all of the elements. i will take a photo of the scroll completely unfurled when the weather is a bit better outside to show the pacing of the illustrations.

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charmed by nature said...

wow! looks like it should be in a museum or behind glass in the nationality rooms... it boggles my mind how you printed it!