second gallery piece

with some of the scraps from the Silent Grove book, i have been working on a small piece which i have entitled - Tensions Between the Players of Games: After John Hejduk.

the base is walnut (measuring 8" x 8") and the pieces are reclaimed pine (tallest is about 5.5" high). perhaps i should come up with some rules for the game next.

both of these pieces will be for sale at the Fe Gallery show which opens June 12th. Half of the sale price will be donated to the estate of John Metzler.

john hejduk has alway been one of my main architectural heroes. his amazing books - Vladivostok and Mask of Medusa were fundamental in my early thinking about what architecture could be - poetic, transitory and theoretical.

this piece is also a nod to The Player of Games a Culture novel by Iain M. Banks.


Gracie Kendal said...

Oh wow!!! Todd, love it!!!!

rsnow113 said...

very nice!