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i recently picked these dice up in the discount bin at one of my local game emporiums and thought i'd run a little game design competition and give something back to my fellow BGGers. i am looking for some fun solo player dungeon crawl type games to use with these dice but i love games that are genre breakers, so if these dice suggest something different to you (weird and way out), then i am all for it. i have my own game idea but i wanted to see what others could come up with. the monster and adventure dice are from Flying Buffalo, Inc. (FBI).

the winning entry will receive 40GG + 1 set of all of these dice for your own at home gaming enjoyment if you so desire with a booklet of rules graphically designed and handbound by me (i am a graphic designer by day, pnp graphic re-designer by night and a book artist as well).

entries to be posted by september 9, 2010 to be eligible.

the game must include the following (but you dont have to use every one of these dice, though i encourage use of all 15):

1 standard set of the usual rollers d4, d6, d8, d12, d20

3 trap dice (row two in red, green and blue)
the trap die faces are: fire, skull and bones, a broken sword, lightning, adventurer falling in spiked pit, and what looks like adventurer having a bad case of static electricity or being magick-ed

1 map die
the map die faces are: door, stair, t intersection, left corridor, right corridor, straight corridor

1 treasure die
the faces are: weapon, shield, magic weapon, gold, jewel, scroll

and the monster dice
1 die has the colors (green, orange and red) on it.
the green die (level 1 monsters): bees, bats, rats, skeleton, snake, goblin.
the orange die (level 2 monsters): crocodile, orc, octopus, harpy, mummy, cyclops.
the red die (level 3 monsters): dragon, mage, vampire, balrog, roc, giant spider.

there is also one alternate die pictured in row three -
the mood die with faces described by flying buffalo as: friendly, neutral, suspicious, hostile, afraid, berserk.

pen and paper are fine to use as well. i'd like it keep it to these 15 dice because they form a pretty decent handful.

hope you all have fun with the challenge and good luck to you

i will comment that one idea i had was to use the 5 dice to keep track of everything in the game, so you could pick the d20 for your hit points (rolling the number down as you lost them, hit 0 and game is over) but then that might mean you can only use the d8 for your battle strength while the monster could use the d12.

whereas if you used the d6 for hit points you could battle at a d20 strength (modified by the d4 as the magic item die) vs perhaps monsters at d8.

this would reduce luck, i think, and add in a layer of strategic decision making perhaps.

i also had another thought that the monster dice are actually the characters and they battle each other coliseum style for monster glory and riches. each rolls the mood dice for battle modifiers. map dice being a sort of wings of war direction controller.

update 2:

My own game version (and no i cannot win my own prize). I will play test this as well as Kai's game this weekend. I tried to create a simple game without too many tables or rules to remember but with some strategy in how you assign the dice to decrease luck somewhat.

Many Dungeon Dice

To begin:

You’ll need the many monster dice, paper to keep track of your character and draw out your dungeon and a pen.

Roll the D20 to discover how many monsters you must encounter during your game and mark this value down. You must defeat this number of monsters to win the game without being slain yourself. Any gold and jewels you have left at the end if yours to keep.

Then, with the five numbered dice, assign one die to each of the following:

Player Hit Points (Set this die at its maximum value)
Player Battle Strength (rolled during an encounter) (Your battle strength die can never be the D20)
Monster Battle Strength (rolled during an encounter) (Must always be one die higher in value than your assigned Battle Strength die i.e. if you pick a D8 for your strength the monster is assigned the D12)
Magic Modifier (rolled during an encounter) (This die is rolled at the start of each encounter for its value, so its value may change depending on the encounter)
Monster Hit Points (rolled during an encounter)

(I draw five boxes on my sheet of paper and put one die in each, labeling them)

You can assign a low value die to your Hit Points or your Battle Strength for more challenging play.

You will also need to keep track of gold and jewels found during the game, useful for bribes.

Place the treasure die with the weapon side face up next to your numbered dice. You begin the game with a non-magical weapon its a +2 Battle Strength modifier.

Now its time to explore:

Roll the map die, drawing out your dungeon as you go. Be as artistic as you like in this. Stairs and doors always have traps. Each door you roll will enter into a room, and there will always be a unlocked exit door in an adjacent wall. The T corridor branches off into other hallways and you may backtrack your path if you wish during exploration.

If you roll a door or a stair check first for a trap:

Roll the 3 trap dice, if two faces match that trap is sprung

Skull & Bones – lose one Hit Point, rotating down to the next lowest number on your Hip Point die
Fire – lose 1/3 of your gold rounded down
Broken Sword – lose your current non-magical weapon if you have one
Lightning – lose your current magic weapon if you have one
Pit – lose your current shield if you have one
Charmed Adventurer – the trap failed, roll the treasure die if you wish. Keep any gold or jewels you find, use the scroll of healing, upgrade your shield to a weapon or to a magic weapon depending on the roll (See treasure chart below).

Next, if you rolled a door, you enter the room. Roll the colored monster die to see what level of monster you will fight, and roll the corresponding colored monster die to see what you will fight. You always have initiative in an encounter.

If your monster is humanoid (see Monster Battle Strength Modifier chart below) it will be assigned a modifier by the Mood die.

Lastly, roll the Monster Hit Point die to find out its Hit Point value.

To battle:

Roll your Battle Strength die adding +1 for a shield, a +2 for a non-magical weapon, or roll your Magic Modifier die at the beginning of your encounter (just the one time) and add that value to your Battle Strength for a magical weapon if you possess one. Then roll for the monster.

Level 1 monsters (green) roll their Monster Battle Strength die once (1) during combat
Level 2 monsters (orange) roll their Monster Battle Strength die twice (2) during combat
Level 3 monsters (red) roll their Monster Battle Strength die three times (3) during combat

Roll the Monster Battle Strength die one or more times depending on their level and take the highest value as their Monster Battle Strength. If their number is higher than yours take one (1) Hit Point of damage, rotating down to the next lowest value on your Hit Point die and keep fighting. If your Battle Strength is greater than or equal to than theirs you deal one (1) Hit Point of Damage to them, rotating down their Hit Point die.

You will fight until you kill the monster or it kills you.

Monster Battle Strength Modifiers:

If your monster is humanoid (Skeletons and Mummies do not count, they are the un-Dead and therefore are always in a bad mood)

Goblin on the green die
Harpy, Orc, Cyclops on the orange die
Balrog, Mage, Vampire, Dragon on the red die

roll the mood die for a Battle Strength modifier:

Friendly – The monster does not care to fight, roll for treasure and mark one monster off your total encounter number)
Neutral – No modifer
Afraid – Roll the Monster Battle Strength die once, if it is greater than half of its maximum value +1 to the Monster Battle Strength
Suspicious – You may bribe the monster if you wish to try and avoid a fight (However if you do, this encounter will not count towards your total monster kills). Roll the assigned Monster Hit Point die and pay that much in gold/jewel value for a successful bribe then leave the room. If your bribe isn’t successful or you just wish to fight then +1 to the Monster Battle Strength
Hostile – +2 to the Monster Battle Strength
Berserk – +3 to the Monster Battle Strength

Once you have defeated a monster you may roll for treasure:

Gold – value 1 gold piece, add this to your gold tally
Jewel – value 5 gold pieces, add this to your jewel tally
Scroll – healing scroll, roll your Magic Modifier die and add that value to you Hit Point total. You can never go beyond the die maximum.

For the following you will keep the die with you until you either lose it in a trap or trade it in for a higher Battle Strength modifer:

Shield - +1 to your Battle Strength
Weapon - +2 to your Battle Strength
Magic – roll your Magic Modifier Die during an encounter for your Battle Strength modifier.

Explore the dungeon until you defeat/kill all the monsters you are required to. If you do this count yourself lucky you survived with your limbs and sanity intact. Spend you gold at the nearest wenchery or tavern.

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