win some blackberry cordial

ok folks. serious contest here so listen up

what you can win: a bottle of homemade blackberry cordial and 2 cordial cups made from cherry, all handcrafted by me.

how long do you have: since the cordial has to age a few weeks i will be running this contest until august 23rd. you'll have til then to enter and do what's required.

what's required to win: you must find one of my blog post recipes that sounds interesting to you, try it out for yourself and comment/post the results in this entry. from those that post, one winner will be selected.

i hope everyone will have fun with this contest and give a recipe a try. looking forward to seeing what you make.

the fine print the cordial is made from organic blackberries, brandy, organic brown sugar and a variety of spices. you must be over 21 to participate.


Owly Indigo said...

I accept your challenge!!!!

todd said...

wonderful, cant wait to see what recipe you try out

Nick Hayes said...

Two of the recipes you recently posted were so appealing that they instantly went into my bookmarks. The first was the peanut butter ice cream from "The Perfect Scoop." The second, and the one I just finished eating, was the 5-minute chocolate cake.

I needed a quick dessert fix and thought this would do the trick. I substituted chopped walnuts for chocolate chips because I had none, and I also used my 2-cup Pyrex measuring cup to mix and bake the little cake. After mixing up the ingredients I thought maybe I had done something wrong because the batter seemed too runny, but when the three minutes was up the cake looked great!

I served it with lingonberry preserves and shared it with my wife. You are right on two points: it is dense, and it is big enough for two but small enough for one. Because I didn't add chocolate chips, the cake wasn't overpoweringly chocolaty. It reminded me of my grandma's passover honey cake in texture and sweetness.

Of course, you can't beat the prep time either. This definitely is a craving-buster.

todd said...

thanks for the entry nick! good luck.

Owly Indigo said...

YAY! I did it! I tried this one: http://spanglemakermidsummerfires.blogspot.com/2010/07/after-dinner-dessert-of-course.html only I used apples and cinnamon. I am not known to be capable of making delicious food, but this was very easy to make and turned out amazing. The Owl Family loved it as a dessert with a little powdered sugar and ice cream, and I think alone it would work as a breakfast treat. Thank you, Todd, for inspiring me to make good food! ;-D