my latest culinary experiment involves making cyser which is mead (fermented honey beverage) but uses apple cider instead of water. some generous friends let me come over and juice the 120 apples from my tree into apple cider. i was able to get 2 gallons of juice from the apples and i combined that with 2 pounds of honey into 2 one gallon glass jugs i received free during an order mixup last year.

i did some reading about fermentation locks and such but eventually decided on a simpler method of fabric over the mouth of the jars to let the co2 out while not letting any bugs crawl in. i am informed the cyser will clear as it ferments.

it seems to be working in grand fashion. the wild yeast on the apples (nope didn't use any brewer's yeast either) its bubbling away converting all those sugars into the drink of the gods. you all will have to wait until february for the contest to win a bottle. it takes awhile.

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Nick said...

You can count me in on this one. My dad brews his own beer and set up a batch of mead for my third tour to Iraq. Since the mead was meant to ferment for a year, slightly shorter than my deployment, it was a perfect homecoming event. He had it ready to drink when I got back and it was delicious. I can only imagine what your cyser will taste like.