upcoming woodworking class

i've had a request to teach a wooden pendant class and i think i will expand that to also include bone folds and kitchen utensils. the top photo are some prototypes of those 2 things. i am working out how long the class should be and how many students i can take who will have to share my shop equipment. stay tuned to the PCC web site for class details. and no none of the items pictured above was dyed or stained in any way.


Amy LeePard said...

Wow, your wooden folders look exactly like those made by Randy J. Arnold.


The inlay on his wooden folders reference the fretboard of a banjo as he is also a luthier as well as a book binding tool maker.

He also just taught a woodworking for book binders class at Arrowmont for the Friends of Dard Hunter Conference.

What type of material are you inlaying in your folders? Enjoyed looking at your blog.

todd said...

they are similar in form yes. hard to improve upon a good design shaped through the ages. i did not use ebony of any of my work though.

and these do not have any inlays actually. just holes drilled through. i have inlayed birch dowel dots before in some of them.

thanks for visiting. i appreciate the comments