what i did today

for a few weeks now i have been busy with another commission in my workshop. this time it was for a 10 foot high, 4 foot wide built-in bookcase for some very nice people over in lawrenceville. work like this has to be exact, both to fit in the given space and to make sure the shelves are all cut to the same length, an issue on a table saw that has only 2 feet of width for the clear bed. also since you cannot be running back and forth all the time, careful measurements have to be made (in fact i was about 1/32" wide overall and had to persuade the shelves a bit to agree to be slid in place). but you figure out how to get around those things and construct something i hope my clients will enjoy for many years. cluck is a record collector and i cannot wait to see the shelves full of his records.

the installation went very smoothly today; which means, i think, i am getting better at this.

materials 5/4 pine, nominal 12" wide, finished with beeswax. the bottom 2 shelves are fixed to hold the records and the record player. the upper shelves are all adjustable.

forthcoming commissions include an entry hall table and a new exterior door for a house from the mid 1880's

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