improving techniques

after trying my hand at multi-stage lino prints for the latest book, i decided i could do better. so i am re-doing the book with new plates and processes

step 1 - i've graduated to actual lino blocks, not the rubber sheets i was using previously. they hold a line much better and the print pressure is more even. also finding that the cleared areas are less likely to have over-inking on them. the only downside is some badly jabbed fingers.

step 2 - better inking, more even inking, less flooding provides for a cleaner imprint.

step 3 - time. giving each stage of the print several hours to dry before moving to the next stage.

and yes you printmakers know all this already. i am making my own mistakes as i go along thank you very much.

there are still some pressure issues because i dont have a press yet to do these in. looking around for a book press though, that would be very nice one of these days.

photos below are of stage 2 prints. i'll recarve detail into the blocks and do another stage or two on top of these next.

this 2nd try is also in part due to my craftysister's recent post

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thanks for the link crafty brother :)