boardgame - aether captains | capek golems

some further card studies done in the last few days for the Capek Golem card game


Pips said...

What part of Pittsburgh do you live in? I come into town from the icy climes up in Mercer county to game with some buddies on a semi-regular basis and would love to try out some of your stuff as I'm floored by most of it.

Please don't bother reading the blogger I have here; it was...I don't know what I was thinking. LJ withdrawal maybe. Anyway, my name's Jeff IRL, and I've been idly game designing for a while myself, read: lots of half-assembled mechanisms I can't stop tinkering with.

If you're still down for a game swap, I do have a family-friendly party card game called A Twist of Fate I'd love some non-family/friend feedback on. Alas, it's nowhere near as simply gorgeous as yours, but I'm proud of it.

Wow. Now THAT is a comment.

BTW: Your stuff was referenced at BGDF.com in the forums and that's how this verbose little stranger managed to find you.

todd said...

i live in swissvale. thanks for your kind comments. it's nice to be appreciated for the work one does. if you'd like to exchange PDFs of your game for one of mine that would be fine by me. are you on BGG? if so email me over there - dumarest123