new month, new contest, more steampunk

this is one 2 entries i am working on this month for the next boardgame contest which is to design a card game using no more than 54 cards printable on 6 sheets of paper. i am working with a new game in my Aether Captains genre. the photo above shows the dis-membered golem you'll be creating as one of the players in the game

game description:

Aether Captains: Capek Golems

In the quiet streets of Easley by the River, the main university city of the Grand Compact of Arkady, two techno-alchemists, collaborators and competitors, race against time and public opinion to push the boundaries of science and morality to create the first Capek Golems, an amalgam of re-animated tissue, aetheric energies and steam powered technology. Will this foray into science or madness be used for the good of the Grand Compact or its enemies - the Federation of Air Pirates? Or will the citizens of the Grand Compact rise up and stop these explorers of technology before they go too far?

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Megan said...

Oh it looks great!