my first professionally produced game

artscow is a company in hong kong that can print single, full color, decks of 54 cards. a couple of my games i feel are worthy now of higher quality printing and i've been eagerly awaiting my first shipment to come in the mail to see how they turned out and today was the day. speaking as a professional graphic designer i could not be happier: crisp white card stock, corner rounded cards with a matte finish and vibrant colors.

the tuckbox they come in

back sides of the 3 types of cards

front sides of the cards

the game with everything else you'll need (9 dice and 5 tokens per player)

game in progress

if you'd like to have your own copy:

and you can order a deck from this link

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Zus said...

Thanks LOADS for the link. I found it bit late since I only have 5 more cards to laminate lol. However. My post-playtesting reprint will certainly be farmed out to them. Thanks again.