upcoming events

you will be seeing much more of me locally in pittsburgh in the coming months. not sure why. the stars have just aligned i guess. and i must say, though an extremely modest person, it is nice to get some recognition.

first up:
march 9th i'll be on the WYEP show Prosody at 7:30pm EST reading from both my translated work and my own poetry. they webstream the show so i hope you'll listen in.

the april issue of Pittsburgh Magazine will feature a review of my newest book of poetry - Species of Night. you can find my book over here to order if you want a copy.

my upcoming show at Gallerie Chiz is coming up soon, with the opening set for the evening of May 6th, coinciding with the Ellsworth Avenue Gallery Walk. I'll be showing furniture, artist books and drawings. hope to see you there.

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lynne said...

Good luck with everything, Todd! I'll be listening...I love to listen to prosidy in the car.