claire, who i previously built a very large table and two benches for, asked me recently to build a very long folding screen for her. i've wanted to build something like this for some time now so i readily agreed. there will be 5 panels when complete, each 3 feet wide and 6 feet high. i've threaded 2 dowel rods through each panel which claire will use to hang a fabric screen on (which will have velcroed ends so they can be removed and washed). i'll build two cross brace feet for the end panels so the whole thing doesn't tip over once it is unfolded. claire will be using this in her massage studio to divide up the space and provide an area for people to change.

the hardest part of this project was making sure the mortises for the hinges were correctly dadoed. and now that i have an actual set of dado blades i can begin doing more complicated joinery.

the first two panels have been brought up from my woodshop to have a couple of coats of oil applied to them. if the project ends up well i will try another screen with solid panels

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