today in the garden

so this is one of those what i did today type posts. where, after i post it, most of you go wow how do you do all that in one day. i just do. actually what is not shown is all the boring stuff. the hours spent out in the garden weeding, mowing and hedgetrimming, rose bushes and pear tree pruning and checking of my peppers which are allllmmmooostttt ripe.

we begin with picking two big pots of apples from the apple tree. this tree has lived up to its promise of never growing more than 6 feet tall but producing a big yield of apples each year. unfortunately i have learned over time these apples really aren't the pick them off the tree and eat them type. luckily they are the juice them and turn them into fermented beverages type. 

also harvested today about 40 potatoes, tomatoes which i'll make into sauce and can tomorrow, along with another load of cucumbers to pickle. not shown i harvested my hyssop as well to dry for tea. start on all the mint varieties next week. then other herbs to make herbed sea salt.

with the aid of a borrowed juicer we i take said apples photogenically photoed above and over an hour or so proceed to juice them all down. followed by an expensive trip to the east end co-op for 2.5 pounds of locally sourced honey

all to make a new batch of cyser with. it will separate out in the next day or so and start to ferment using the natural yeast from the apple skins. i'll top it off with more apple juice once it settles.

a couple of months and a new batch of delaware avenue cyser will be ready for the clamoring masses.


Kurthl33t said...

Never heard of apple cyser, but it sounds delicious!

todd said...

cyser is mead that uses apples instead of water, melomel is a mead that uses a variety of fruit. mead with spices is metheglin