today's harvest | tonight's dinner

busy busy day around here. began this afternoon with a trip to the grocery store as well as harvesting herbs, cucumbers, tomatoes and a couple of apples from the garden

followed by baking a fresh loaf of seed bread to have with dinner

which consisted of:

broiled mushrooms stuffed with sausage and minced herbs, topped with fontinella

2 hour braise for a pork roast in white wine, onions, shallots, apples and garlic
and roasted parsnips, pears and potatoes

tomatoes have been sliced and are in the dehydrator for another 5 hours
3 extra leftover meals are vacuum sealed in bags and in the freezer
and i managed to get 3 cups of pork/onion jus-stock-gravy which is currently separating in the refrigerator and will be used later this week once i figure out what to use it for

any suggestions?

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