tonight's dinner - scallops and tuna with meyer lemons

while at the supermarket tonight i discovered they were selling meyer lemons in a bag. i bought some and decided to do something with fish for dinner.

1/2 pound scallops
1/2 pound tuna steak cut into pieces about the same size as the scallops
2 meyer lemons, diced
olive oil to coat everything
fresh rosemary and basil chopped roughly

i put everything in a bowl to marinade for 5 minutes then into a hot skillet with a few tablespoons butter to cook until the scallops were done and the tuna seared on the outside. bowls to serve. in the photo on top of everything is an oregano blossom from my garden. serves 2

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Lobster Tails said...

Scallops, tuna and meyer lemons. 3 of my favorite ingredients!