cured salmon

i ran across this recently on another blog and have made it twice since. it is incredibly easy to make though it takes 24 hours for it to cure properly but the end product is a very good. you can use sushi grade salmon if you like. the photos above show the before and after and plated version. i am going to try it next with grapefruit

orange cured salmon

1 pound salmon filet (skin on if you like) 
2 tbl coarse sea salt
2 tbl coarse ground pepper
3 tbl organic sugar
1-2 oranges sliced thinly (depending on how big your filet is)

mix the salt, pepper and sugar together and spread over all sides of the salmon filet
place filet, skin side down, on a layer of orange slices arranged on plastic wrap
place a layer of orange slices on top and wrap very tightly in several layers of plastic wrap

place in refrigerator in a pie plate and weight down the filet with a heavy pot on top

turn several times over a 24 hour period, you will notice a lot of liquid will come off

when 24 hours is up, unwrap the filet and wash the excess salt mixture off and remove the skin

slice and serve.

thats it. very easy.

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