blank journals 3

one of my favorite pieces of prose by the french writer paul valéry is his version of crusoe; a crusoe shipwrecked in the mind. i had some rotted wood scraps left over from the giving mouth project and bought some indian rag paper the other day and thus a new blank journal was formed. 6"x8", hand bound with twine in a 3 hole pamphlet stitch through leather spine, 52 pages. good for those moments you may find yourself "idle, pensive, well set up".


trouthead said...

i love the way the word "journal" is tacked on in it's little frame.it's a formal, vintage eaesthetic pulling together an otherwise very organic project. kinda tells a story before its even written in.

Elissa said...

I really like the covers. How did you attach the leather spine to the wood? Is in the inside of the covers?