new book projects

finished photos of two recent books.

not overly conscious as to why, i seem to be using myths as subject matter lately. perhaps the myth structure lends itself to the abstract nature of the artwork i have been working with lately. this first book is orpheus: new landscapes of the underworld, featured in an entry a few days ago. the idea was to create a series of abstract landscapes that orpheus might have drawn while touring the underworld searching for eurydice. this book is 8" x 22" and is japanese stab bound with leather covers. paper is a fabriano stock which i really like working with for oil pastel. the leather cover, i think, works pretty well. i wanted a suggestion of a arcadian style sketchbook.

the 2nd book is entitled entwined and pairs mythological couples from several different countries. i was less interested in the usual eros and psyche, orpheus and eurydice, zeus and hera type couples, rather i explored lesser known myths - lleu and blodeuedd (welsh myth - lleu is an apollo type figure and blodeuedd was a woman made for him from flowers), hyperon and theia (greek titans pairing sun and sight), anu and uras (sumerian gods of sky and earth) and used circular forms to speak of ideas of creation and perfection. this book is 11" x 30" and 3-hole pamphlet stitched with a thin strip of maple as a backing spine piece. also fabriano paper with oil pastel, pencil and housepaint.

i think whatever i do next might be a miniature book.

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