tonight's dessert - apple plum clafoutis

on sunday i was at a farm market and the honey crisp apples and containers of damson plums were calling my name.

tonight they went into an end of the season clafoutis (typically a very summery french dessert). i took this recipe over here, though i changed it a bit.

in the cast iron skillet (best for such things) beforehand went 1/2c irish butter, 1/2c turbindo sugar and 1/4c linden tree honey along with some recently acquired ceylon cinnamon (the original cinnamon i have come to discover) which i let bubble on low heat til the sugar melted and started forming a caramel, then i arranged the apple sections (cut your apples in half and then in 1/3rds to get 6 sections per apple) and plums in circles in the resulting caramel and let them cook a bit while the oven pre-heated. i had let the batter rest during this process as well which you should really do with any sort of crepe batter.

25 mins in the oven at 425degF and voila, a very light spongy cake and well baked sugary fruit. let it cool about 10 minutes, run a knife around the edge and flip out onto a large plate.

sticky good and no one to share it with.

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