woodworking season 3

snapshots of a recent small occasional table (completed a week ago) and the finished bench (completed today)

the table is constructed with a walnut top cut from an old tree and reclaimed maple for the 3 legs. it is quite sturdy and could also be used as a small bench in a hall. the branch haunch on this is my favorite part of this piece.

and the horse chestnut bench (8 ft long, 12" wide, with a slight curve, 15" high). i am pleased overall with the bench too. it sits, without rocking, on 6 legs (was a bit worried about that). stringers are out of walnut. i've included a few detail shots of the amazing grain revealed once the layers of mold and dirt were cleaned off.

hoping both these pieces will find themselves an owner at Arbor Aid this year. and now .. onto the table for that show.

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